To the patient:

Your Hospital Based Physician. While you are in the hospital, your doctor has referred you to the care of a Hospitalist. You may be asking yourself, what is a Hospitalist? We are physicians Board Certified in Internal Medicine, who specialize in hospital medicine. We have years of experience and expertise in managing the care of hospitalized patients, even those with the most complicated medical conditions.

While you are in the hospital, our team of Hospitalists will be in charge of managing your care, leading the team of nurses, physicians, case managers, and discharge planners addressing both your medical and administrative needs. You and your family can be rest assured that you will have the safety and supervision of a 24/7 dedicated Hospitalist team that is familiar with your care while you are in the hospital.

When you are admitted to the hospital, your doctor communicates with the Hospitalist, discusses your medical condition, history, preferences and transfers the management of your care to the Hospitalist. The Hospitalist, being part of your doctor's team, is now available to provide the best care for you while you are in the hospital.

While you are in the hospital, our Hospitalist team discusses your care and your progress with your doctor regularly. Our Hospitalist team will develop and oversee a thorough treatment plan tailored to your medical condition. For your privacy, our team will keep you or your designated contact person informed of your progress throughout your stay. Before you leave the hospital, our Hospitalist team communicates with your doctor to plan your future care. This planning ensures a smooth transition of your medical care back to your doctor.

Advantages and benefits. There are several advantage and benefits associated with Hospitalist care. They include:

  Around-the-clock medical attention and physician availability
  Have a hospital specialist at your fingertips
  Faster doctor-response time for any changes in your condition, especially for critically or seriously ill patients
  Frequent communication with you and your family
  Expedited care from Hospitalists' expertise who know "the system"
  Faster scheduling of tests and procedures and faster results
  Full coordination of care

When you leave. When it is time for you to leave the hospital, our hospitalist team will:

  Go over your discharge instructions with you and your family and provide prescriptions for any new medications
  Make arrangements for home-care needs
  Notify your doctor immediately about your discharge
  Send your doctor a summary of your hospital stay and medication list

When you are home. After your hospital stay, your primary-care doctor will resume your ongoing medical care and will provide you with future prescription refills.

We know hospitalization can be a very trying time. It is our purpose to minimize this uncertainty and make your stay as comfortable as possible. We are teamed with your doctor and the hospital to provide you with the highest quality of care. To reach your Hospitalist while you are in the hospital, please ask your nurse for assistance. Please refer to our brochure to meet our Hospitalist team.

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