What Are Hospitalists?

Many patients who are admitted to hospitals these days need a doctor who specializes in hospital care to oversee their stay. This new breed of doctor, sometimes referred to as "hospitalists" is now a quality-of-care requirement in the rapidly changing U.S. health-care system.

Pacific Inpatient Medical Group (PIMG) provides a cost-efficient program that leads to improved and safer patient care. Because the majority of health care is being delivered on an outpatient basis, the typical hospital patient is usually sicker and needs a doctor with the expertise and focus on practicing within the hospital environment who can provide "around the clock" in-hospital care.

Time savings.
PIMG physicians have proven that putting a hospital-based doctor in charge does indeed reduce the amount of time a patient spends in the hospital. One reason: patients don't have to wait for their own doctors to show up at the hospital to check test results and make other treatment decisions. The hospitalist is able to respond to a patient's changing medical needs on a minute by minute basis, thus allowing for more expedited patient care. In addition, our hospitalist team coordinates the patient's treatment plan with other physicians, nurses, discharge case managers, and therapy staff to expedite a patient's care and achieve the best overall medical outcome.

Quality of life.
PIMG also addresses the "quality of life" issue for physicians. Most doctors see their patients in the hospital before office hours and then not until that evening, after they've closed the practice and returned patient and family phone calls. In addition, many physicians are facing declining payments from insurers for office visits. Referring patients to a hospitalist allows a physician more time to spend at the office which increases the volume of office patients a doctor can see in a day.

How it works.
The PIMG model allows for the hospitalist physician to be at the hospital all day. A member of the hospitalist team is available at the hospital 24 hours a day to check test results as soon as they come in and then explain the results and recommended treatments to patients and their families. The hospitalist team also closely monitors patients to be sure they are responding to on-going treatment.

How to contact.

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