About Pacific Inpatient Medical Group

IMMG was founded in 1994 by Dr. Masa Yukimoto (prior chief resident at CPMC). Today, it's a comprehensive system on three San Francisco hospital campuses.

Oct. 9, 1959 - Feb. 20, 2005

Pacific Inpatient Medical Group originated as Inpatient Management Medical Group in 1994. Dr. Masa Yukimoto was the founder and only physician at the time. As the need for inpatient physicians grew in the Bay Area, Dr. Yukimoto teamed with Dr. Jake Sinclair to create a comprehensive adult hospitalist program that provides a continuum of care from the intensive care unit to skilled nursing facility level. Unfortunately, Dr. Masa Yukimoto passed away on February 20, 2005 after battling his own health issue. The group struggled with its identity after losing its founder and leader.

With the help of Dr. Sinclair, the physicians transitioned to an independent physician owned group in late 2007. Pacific Inpatient Medical Group, officially incorporated in September 2007, has 24 physician shareholders, 8 potential shareholders, a 9 member board of directors and 2 contract employees as of 2008. We are managed by our own physician shareholder members and believe in practicing medicine in a collegial and stimulating environment. Our physicians are committed to giving high quality, compassionate, and comprehensive care to our patients while providing outstanding accessible service to our medical community.

Current Physician Staffing
  Pacific Campus: 24 FTEs
  Davies/Cal Campus: 14 FTEs
  Mission Bernal Campus: 8 FTEs
  Novato Campus: 5 FTEs
  Santa Rosa Campus: 9 FTEs

Physician Profiles
  Recruitment of high-level graduates from UCSF, Johns Hopkins and CPMC residency programs, with varied backgrounds and different levels of experience
  Languages spoken: Spanish, Japanese, French, Romanian, Mandarin, German, Taiwanese, Cantonese

Unique Hospitalist Program Culture
  Emphasis on quality and cost-effective care
  High level of teamwork and camaraderie
  Active member involvement in ongoing program improvement
  Sense of ownership of Hospitalist program amongst members

Hospitalist Retention
  Long-term Hospitalist retention
  Minimal staff turnover since program's inception
  Excellent morale and teamwork
  Outstanding role models for resident trainees
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