Current staffing by campus
  Pacific Campus: 24 FTEs
  Davies/Cal Campus: 14 FTEs
  Mission Bernal Campus: 8 FTEs
  Novato Campus: 5 FTEs
  Santa Rosa Campus: 9 FTEs

Physician Profiles
  Recruitment of high-level graduates from UCSF, Johns Hopkins and CPMC residency programs, with varied backgrounds and different levels of experience
  Languages spoken: Spanish, Japanese, French, Romanian, Mandarin, German, Taiwanese, Cantonese

Unique Hospitalist program culture
  Emphasis on quality and cost-effective care
  High level of teamwork and camaraderie
  Active member involvement in ongoing program improvement
  Sense of ownership of Hospitalist program amongst members

Hospitalist Retention
  Long-term Hospitalist retention
  Minimal staff turnover since program's inception
  Excellent morale and teamwork
  Outstanding role models for resident trainees

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Doctors that serve multiple campuses
Keith Castaneto, M.D. received his medical degree from the American University of Antigua and completed his residency at the Valley Consortium for Medical Education.  Dr. Castaneto is Board Certified in Family Medicine.

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